Our Guarantee

Focusing on selling quality cars from the outset! We set the highest of standards when prepping a car to sell.

We do not buy cars from Auction houses, E-bay or traders, we source the U.K daily for the best examples being sold by cherished keepers. We search for examples that are high in specification and have been looked after. All cars need to demonstrate that they have all service records present. We then send Nathan, our in house driver to examine the car, only once its passed our high standards do we buy the car.

Once the car is back to us, we then start the visual preparation, bodywork, wheels, paint and the fine detailing of each car which is overseen by our in house detailer, Adam.. We also order any parts that are missing such as floor mats, parcel shelf, etc.

Each car has the same process, achieving the highest of standards which is highlighted in our reviews. So our guarantee is that, if there is ANYTHING wrong with you vehicle within the first 3 months we will sort the issue at our cost without any delay.

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