Our Quality Guarantee

The biggest question, is it worth the paper its' written on?

We underwrite our own warranties, meaning that if you have a problem with the car within 3 months of purchase, we sort it out, we won't haggle, or try to worm out of any liability, we will have your car booked in at your local garage, and cover all costs involved. It's that simple! We are confident in each and every car we sell due to the in-depth checks carried out prior to sale, but we also understand things can happen.

We can provide a 3rd party warranty cover for up to 3 years. As a rough figure you're looking at £650 for one years cover, £1,000 for two years cover and £1,500 for 3 years. These are average costs, but it does vary depending on the car. Each claim limit is to the current value of the car, unlimited claims and 100% part contribution.

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