This has been such a problem for our company, all motor dealers use 3rd party warranty companies to provide a warranty for a customer, we have used several over the years, all which have been disappointing, resulting in the warranty company not paying out on the claim and us stepping in and honouring the warranty at our cost!


The problem is the wording within the policies and different levels of cover mixed in with unreasonable wear and tear items being used as a reason not to pay!


We have taken the warranties in house, and we now provide them direct, after all, we are confident in each and every car we sell, so why wouldn’t we put our name to it? We will have already had the car checked over before the sale takes place, we always provide a 12 month clean MOT on sale of every car, so we know each car we sell is correct!


3 months warranty comes with every vehicle as standard and free of charge. A 12 month warranty comes at a price of £480 or £40 per month. The 12 month warranty is from the date of purchase, so in effect its 3 months free and 9 months extended warranty at the cost of £480.


There is a max claim limit of £3,000. However, there are unlimited claims. The car must be booked in with an independent garage that is VAT registered. We do not cover a main dealer fixing an issue. We do not cover wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads, brake discs. 


The question, well what is covered? Everything! As long as it’s not wear and tear items, its covered!



Our Warranty procedure:


If there is a problem with your vehicle, you MUST follow these steps, if you don’t we can refuse to help with the issue, and refuse to cover any costs incurred.


Step 1: Either CALL/EMAIL/TEXT/WRITE to Approved Vehicles informing us of this issue.
Step 2: Take the vehicle to any local VAT registered garage and obtain a quote for the work.

Step 3: DO NOT INSTRUCT the garage to do any work without approval from Approved Vehicles.
Step 4: Let Approved Vehicles know the issue and how much the garage has quoted to fix the issue. We will require a quote via email from the garage.
Step 5: Let Approved Vehicles deal direct with the garage. We will ONLY pay the garage direct.



Why wouldn’t we honer the warranty?


If your car has an issue and you ignore it for months which then results in a major issue occurring due to not having it fixed then we wouldn’t pay out, if there is a problem we want to hear about it, we would expect to hear about an issue or an engine management light within 2 working days of it happening. 


We haven't ever not honoured a warranty! Ever!

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